"Treat others as you want to be treated" "Conduct yourself in a way that a reasonable and educated man would do in the same situation".

If you want women to respond well to you, it helps to be a gentleman. Being a gentleman can mean many different things, but it doesn't refer to wearing a sharp suit. It relates more to behavior, and the idea of treating women respectfully. This includes not taking advantage of them, being honest with your provider (no free encounters of any type, no matter how much fun/chemistry we have), or pushing them into doing anything that they do not wish to do. My code of conduct asks that all of my customers remain gentlemen when dealing with me, sexy, highly skilled, and professional girl. This helps make the experience enjoyable for both of us, ensuring that I will do my best to make you feel wonderful during your time with me.

To understand the essence of being a gentleman, look at James Bond. He stands as the ultimate British gentleman who manages to prove that good manners are the best way to get girls to respect and fall for you. Always dapper and able to talk about any subject with the women that he comes across, he manages to have his way with whomever he wants. It's important not to underestimate the value of good manners and respect for women, because they respond extremely well to it. I am no different, which is why my desired code of conduct is one of good manners on both parts.

I have worked very hard to gain experience that will make your session an experience that you will never forget. I work partially or fully naked depending on the session, and perform tantric therapies in addition to Geisha, Dark Tantra, Sensual Domination and Red Tantra designed to titillate my customers. Nevertheless, I am individual human being, who just like you, place a high value on good manners and being treated with respect.

If you manage to keep these factors in mind as part of the Code of Conduct during your time with me, you will be rewarded as I will respond better to you. It's not hard to tell the difference between a session performed by a provider who is just going through the motions, and one that is performed by someone who truly enjoys what she is doing. If you want passion and attention lavished upon you, you would do well to show appreciation and respect for me who is doing everything possible to make you feel wonderful.

The Code of Conduct is simple: Be a gentleman, and treat me like a lady. Be modest and positive. This will make your experience far more enjoyable, and help me enjoy every minute that I spend with you. Regular erotic and sensual experiences can be great ways to help the stress of the day simply melt away, in the soft hands, feminine, sexy and delicate body of a trained provider. When you are a gentleman to me, I will go the extra mile to make your session extra special, because I want to see you feeling your best. Your pleasure will become my reward. Girls genuinely do prefer gentlemen.