Location :New York City - Manhattan

***Initial contact without your screening information will be totally ignored (no exceptions to this rule)​. 

​I am extremely discreet and highly selective. For your safety as well as mine ALL new gentlemen/old (including those from outside of USA) will be carefully screened without exception. So ​​make sure you understood my rules before contacting me. If you feel uncomfortable in providing me some of the information I am asking, please do not contact me. I take my screening process very serious. NO EXCEPTION!!! ​​

**Currently emailing or filling out my form are the BEST ways to contact me​. However, I will ONLY reply if you pass my screening process and I feel you are compatible with me. This process can take FEW hours to one day or more, depending on my schedule and the accuracy of your information. ​​Most of the emails are replied in the evening, before midnight.

 ​​​​​​Email Address : 
(Please check your spam folder just in case the email got delivered there instead of your inbox). 

PLEASE BE HONEST in everything as I use a variety of sources to verify the information you are providing me. Additionally, I have a high degree of analytical and critical reasoning skills. Emails missing the main mandatory (required) information will be ignored. My availability will depend on your screening information.  PLEASE be direct, succinct and accurate in your first contact providing me all the information I am asking. After checking (verifying) ALL your information and if I agree (i.e. if you pass my screening process) and feel you will be suitable for my session,  I will respond to your email.

1- Your first and last legal name (highly mandatory, ID will be requested);

Exact day and time of session (mandatory), please do not be vague, be clear, otherwise I will ignore your email/form (no overnight session at this time);

Type and length of session - check my donation page for it - (mandatory);​

-One of this verification (screening)  information 

a-Your age and employment information including your position in the company and URL for a business website that has your name and a current photo, better if you contact me using your business email address. I will not contact your business email without your authorization, just in case include your personal email too. If you do not include your personal email address, it will be automatically considered I have permission to reach you through your business email address. I do not accept Linkedin alone. Please note that the provided employment information will be very discretely verified.

I also may consider these options:

b- OR an office phone number with a voice mail that has your name in the message (or secretary who can forward a call to your voice mail). Please include your company name and your current position;

c- One or two well-established upscale independent providers from anywhere in the world as long as I can reach them.  They must be 100% independent, upscale and accessible. I do not accept agency or anything similar at this time.  You must have seen them in the last 6-10 months (unless they remember you), including their website with email address​​​​ (for discretion I will only use email to contact them).  If you use this option, please allow me 48 to 72 hours or more to check your info with them;

4- Phone number where you can be reached. I will never contact you unprovoked as I expect the same;
5-  Nationality/Ethnicity including education/family background;

6​- Your age, height and weight;

7- Any issue with your health or physical limitations I should know (mandatory);

8- where did you find my website/ad?​​

For me to know you better please try to answer as honest as possible these questions:​

Your previous experience with Tantra or Dark Tantra;​​​

10- Marital or your current relationship status including your sexual satisfaction with your current partner;

11- Do you struggle with any type of sexual functioning issues such as difficulty having an orgasm, becoming lubricated (wet), pain with sex, rapid or delayed ejaculation, having or/and keeping an erection;

12- Have you had sexual experiences that you consider to be abusive, manipulative or negative in some way? How was your sexual education when growing up?

13- ​​Do you feel shame, guilt or embarrassment with your / some of your sexual desires or activities?

14-   Any other comments;​​

​​*The more information you provide me the better.

*** All the info you provide me, will be deleted after our first meeting. I never contact my clients outside of our session. Privacy and discretion are always guaranteed (including celebrities and high profile figures).

Outcall: Upscale 4 or 5 stars hotels in select areas in Manhattan ONLY.  No private residences.

Incall ​​location ​​​​​​​​​- New York City
My Tantra temple is super clean, extremely private(no one will ever imagine the reason of your visit), discreet and cozy. I would like to remind you again that I am extremely discreet and private person in every aspect of my life inside and outside this endeavor. My temple is located in an upscale neighborhood in the border of Midtown East/Upper East Side, Manhattan in a EXTREMELY safe and discreet non-doormen building. Conveniently located to all major transportation and subway stations. Full shower/bath available. 

First Name
Last Name
Email Address
Cell Phone
Exact Day/time of your session
Screening Information (check right side of this page)
Type/Length of Session
Age/Weight/Height/any health issue
Ethnicity/Nationality/Marital Status
Please note, I do not treat any problems related to your health, please look for a right health care practitioner if needed. 
Please review carefully my Schedule, F.A.Q. , Rates and Code of Conduct. Thanks for understanding. Most of the emails are responded in the evening. Occasionally it could be during lunch time. Please be patient!!
2- Fill out this form and provide me as much as information possible on "comments" section mentioning where you found my website/ad.

By accepting to spend time with me, you are giving your electronic signature. This is a contract and it is binding. Failure to abide by my rules (including but not limited to strictly "no review policy") will be interpreted as breach of contract. I will apply necessary measures for "breach of duty" including but not limited to compensatory and punitive damages. My motto is quiet simple and easy to follow "conduct yourself in a way that a reasonable and well educated man would do in the same situation.

**High profile individuals and celebrities are guaranteed full confidentiality, discretion and privacy.
**Fill out my form or email me only if you are 200% sure you really want it.  Once you get an ok from me, please response to my email ASAP, at least 24 hrs or the night before until 10pm for me to have time to organize our encounter, otherwise, I will consider your session canceled and will not be able to reschedule anymore. My time is as valuable as yours.
***Do not request an appointment and cancel once I confirm it  (no matter what is your excuse). There will be no next time. ***First impression is very important. ​You only have one "first impression".