F.A.Q. (schedule)
*this page has been updating constantly according to the  circumstances and facts

May I ask you questions about your services or your life when contacting you?

- When emailing or filling out my form, BE READY TO BOOK and please do not ask me details about your session or any other inappropriate questions about my personal life. Do not request nor do ask in your email something that is not included in the session you chose because it will be ignored. Hybrid sessions are available and also listed accordingly on my webpage. If for some reason, you did not find it, kindly, send me an email asking it. Furthermore, donation should never be discussed/criticized at any time as it is clearly listed on my page and it's really rude and a total turn off (you do not  enroll in Harvard, Stanford or Columbia in order to complain their tuition, don't you?). Nearly ALL the information you need are on my website, including my biography and you are totally free to choose the best provider according to your taste, needs and budget, For privacy and discretion reasons, any other questions related to your session and booking not specified on my website must be done ALL through email. If during our correspondence or encounter I feel my boundaries and safety have been compromised I will terminate our time together on a permanent basis and this rule applies for existing and new friends. Brief Incall Rules: When you are coming to my incall, please do not speak or talk on phone until you are inside my place with door closed. Once indoor, phone or any electronic devise must be turned off. I will provide you with the right instructions to get to my place but if you ever get confused, please text me instead of calling and speaking in loud voice. Summarizing, come and leave unnoticed.Phone Etiquette: **Please note that I DO NOT use phone to chat (no exceptions) or talk about your session with me. If you have any question, please send me an email. Voice mail with your information ONLY as I do not answer phone calls due to privacy and discretion reasons as I have a full time commitment during day time. Moreover, I would very much appreciate if you take a few moment to review my website as many of the questions are already answered here. Be always very discreet and a gentleman as we all have our private life. I am extremely discreet, down-to-earth and private person in every aspect of my life just like you.  My extreme discretion will keep you safe as well as under radar.​ Time-Etiquette: You will never be rushed and I will always honor the entire time you book with me which includes conversation, showering etc. I am always happy to offer you an extra few moments at the end of our session to allow you to freshen up but please do not take advantage of my kindness and generosity. This also applies to being late. Please be very conscious of my Time-Etiquette as this is something I really take seriously (and repeat offenders may not be invited back).  Please be respectful  of my time as I am conscious and generous in regard to you enjoying yours.
​By accepting to spend time with me, you are giving your electronic signature. This is a contract and it is binding. Failure to abide by my rules and policy (including but not limited to "strictly no review policy") will be interpreted as breach of contract. I will apply necessary measures for "breach of duty" including but not limited to compensatory and punitive damages. My motto is really simple and easy to follow "conduct yourself like any reasonable and well educated man would do in the same situation.

2- Why did not you answer to my email or form? 

a- Vague emails that are not specifying the exact day, time, type of session and length. Please do not ask questions such as "are you available , can I see you today?, when can you see me? etc, etc.  If you attach your employment information (please do not use linkedin nor fake pic misrepresenting yourself) but you did not specify what I am asking (exact day, time, etc etc) I will not reply. Employment MUST BE verifiable.  My booking process is very simple (even more demanding) and straightforward, just fill out or email me all the information I am requesting. Be direct, concise and accurate. The same way you are conducting your business;
b- If I feel you are not compatible with my session. Certain things in life are out of our control and we can not choose or force them to happen. We all have our tastes, preferences and matches (i.e. what you like could be not what I like and vice-versa).  My superior educational/family background in addition to my extreme discretion/sophistication make me very demanding and picky whom I choose to spend time with just like you. Of course, these factors do not depend exclusively on your physical attribute or any external look. I value much more your family/cultural background, honesty in everything including your nationality/ethnicity, as well as your educational level and achievements. Outer beauty external look and physical attributes last 30 second and they are temporary and superficial;
c- If you are blacklisted or tried to misrepresent yourself. I have a very strong analytical and critical reasoning skills, therefore, be honest and do not misrepresent yourself. Honesty in everything is paramount.

3- Why me?

I know who I am and what you want. Certain things in life only time can buy.  I am known to be very intuitive to what your body needs emotionally, physically and spiritually. ​​​​Many of my clients claim they have often felt the effects of being with me in a very positive light.  What sets me apart is that I truly am one who cares for other people, beautiful inside and outside. I am rare and unique in my work, quite intriguing for many people, a true tantra provider, Certified and Licensed Massage Therapist for over 10 years and a Certified Tantra Educator trained with many famous Tantra Practitioners around the world, in addition to being a long time intimacy coach and a yoga instructor/bio-dancer.
With over 10 years of experiences and studies with men and women, now I am able to help others to be a better lover, feel more confident, be loved and desired. Of course, all if you allow me and give chances by slowing down. I would like to remind that many times chemistry/trust can not occur immediately after an encounter no matter how attractive is your companion, it can takes time to develop. Sincerely, I recommend longer sessions for new gentlemen to have chances to fully develop their emotion and feelings at that moment. Honest  communication is paramount from the beginning to the end!!!

4-What is your schedule?​**​  I choose quality over quantity just like you. Limited availability. During weeks days I have a busy schedule due to my education/fellowship/research commitment. However,  when I am with you I will never rush and will always do my best - catch me before I leave - 24-48 hours notice required. Most of the emails are replied in the evening during weekdays. Occasionally, I might respond to your emails during lunch time.​​​  

*** Due to my extremely busy schedule & very discreet private life I do not accept any engagement outside of what I specified ​​on my page (i.e, no overnights, no business or social events, no travels, no dinner dates, etc etc).

**24 to 48 hours notice required as I can not leave my commitment without planning it carefully​​.  Any appointment must be booked before 9pm (this rule applies during weekends and holidays as well).

From December 14, 2017 to January 7, 2018: ​​more flexible schedule from 12 pm to 9 pm (last appointment should be booked around 7 or 8pm depending on the length).
December 12 & 13 not available.

From January 9 and up, my schedule will be changing due to educational/job commitments.​​

​​Outcall to 4/5 stars hotels is preferred at this time.  No private residences!!

​Incall appointments:  I will need one or two days of advanced notice as I need to reserve it especially during weekdays.  Currently, I am semi-retired and see very few select gentlemen, always by prior arrangement and longer sessions of 2, 3 or 4 hours. 
 I am an extremely busy person in my day by day and not available for same day session, of course meeting you is my number one priority.  However, I do not keep an  on-call practice ​as I do have a full time commitment outside this endeavor (currently concentrated in a highly specialized post-graduate/fellowship program) and am able to meet a few select gentlemen by prior arrangement.  For incall or outcall appointments, please give me at least one or two full days  notice, the more notice you give me the better your chance to meet me.  If you want a fast response from me, please, choose an exact day/time according to your schedule instead of asking my availability. If you pass my screening process I will do my best to accommodate you. Nevertheless, same day appointment is no longer available for anyone. Weekend/Holidays appointments are welcome with advance notice. I am always full of energy looking impeccable, a real "Asian bombshell" with extremely slender/fit yet curvaceous/ athletic body.

5- How soon will you reply to my email ?

 Most of the emails sent during day time are replied in the evening when I am in a private and quiet place.  However, depending on the time you contact me and my schedule, I can ​​email you back during lunch time.  Sometimes, when you contact me at night, I still can reply in the early morning before starting my day time commitment. Of course, if we still have several days prior to our encounter, I will reply your emails in 24 to 48 hours.
6- Why are your rates so high?​

​Sincerely, I do not want to meet every man who has the desire to meet me, I prefer to see a select few and my rates allow me to be as selective as you are. The value is apparent, as I remain quite in demand at these rates and most of my clients are repeat elite gentlemen who book 2.5 to 3  hours with me. Moreover, in our current society, quality is based on price and you will realize that this kind of SERVICE, you always get what you donate.  I am also sharing my experience with you therefore I really want to be in the company of exceptional and successful gentlemen whom I can learn from and who will cherish me.  Ultimately, your financial gifts are a sign of your respect for me. Please never underestimate how necessary monetary funds are though, being as they give me the ability to take care of myself, which will inevitably build a love in my heart that can last a lifetime. Therefore, in return for your understanding and graciousness, I will joyfully giving you my whole hearted appreciation and affection. I only give myself to whom deserves it and from that we will build a beautiful and one of kind connection.

7- What is your ethnicity/nationality?

Truly cosmopolitan, a citizen of the world, I am 100% pure north-eastern Asian born in world-class, glamorous, highly developed and technologically advanced city of Tokyo, Japan and raised in many different places around the world, between East Asia,  North America and West Europe. My appearance is totally westernized with gentle tan, highlight hair, curvy tiny waist with D cup and an athletic/slender/feminine figure. I am internationally educated in top universities in Southern Europe and USA (I spent over 10 years in higher education) well-read, multicultural, multilingual, totally fluent in 5 languages.  I am fluent (writing, reading, speaking) in nearly all most widely spoken Romance/Neo-Latin Languages  in addition to English/Japanese and a perfect combination of East/West cultures. Also, 100% familiar with North American, Australian, New Zeland and Western European, including Scandinavian cultures and easily adaptable to any country, environment and person. Despite being quite fluent in English, I do have an accent which could sound a mix of Italian, Spanish (Catalan) or maybe some light French, sexy and soft. This is because I was raised good part of my life (especially childhood and adolescence) in Southern European countries. 

8- Do you accept tips or gifts?

I am a non materialistic and compassionate person and gifts/tips are​​ never expected or required. But your kindness and generosity will be highly appreciated and never forgotten. I have been asked many times about my favorite gifts, first at all, meeting you is the most wonderful gift, but I also love all type of red wines, mostly from light to medium-bodied (such as Beaujolais Nouveau, Merlot, Chianti, Pinot Noir, etc), candles, flowers, all kind of champagnes, gift cards from Amazon, Bergdorf Goodman, La Perla, Jimmy Choo and Bloomingdale.

9- How do I do if I am late??

Once you book an appointment, please try to get or be ready on time, not later not earlier. If for some reason, you are getting few minutes late or earlier, please let me know it. If you are late more than 15 minutes without informing me, I will considered our encounter canceled and you won't be able to book anymore. Furthermore, if you book a first session with me and cancel after getting my confirmation or email back there will be no second chance. First impression is primordial!!

10- Are your rates negotiable?

- My rates are non negotiable and I do not offer hourly  session at this time, if you must depart early (which I most certainly hope you won't) my minimum rates apply as stated. Most of my sessions start from 2 hrs and up for all new gentlemen  ( 2.5 to 3 hours are highly recommended/desired for new gentlemen). If my rates or your time are not acceptable to you, I appreciate your interest in me but I ask you search elsewhere for a practitioner. I am highly selective and extremely discreet. It is my entire desire meeting as few gentlemen as possible and my donation allows me to do that. My sessions are never rushing but relaxing and slowing down and my rates reflect the fact that I  only see TWO gentlemen monthly. I specialize in longer sessions and repeat clients. Your satisfaction is my N. 1 goal.  Longer sessions are always given priority. Due to my extremely limited availability my guests are very limited and selected very carefully according to their verification information and my own criteria.  Safety, Comfort, Discretion & Chemistry are a perfect combination.

11- How far in advance can I book an appointment?

Please, try to book me only if you are really sure you want my session as I need to organize my time and schedule according to your necessities. The best way is booking two or three days in advance.  

12- Are the photos really you?

- Photos are 100% mine and accurate taken in different seasons and they have been all authenticated by NY EROS Authenticated SEAL as you can see in my current New York Eros (currently due to limited availability I am not advertising on Eros so often). My photos are some professional and some non professional as depicted on my current Eros New York ad as well as my website. I have been told that my Pure Japanese heritage gives me an amazing skin/hair, always youthful look, slender and very petite figure. For your and my SAFETY, PRIVACY and DISCRETION reasons, I blurred my face but I guarantee you will not be disappointed.  I change the color of my hair very often, so it can be very lighter or darker depending on the season (currently back to  brown discreet highlights).  My skin can also be more tan or just slightly tan depending on the season. I keep very natural discreet look with nearly no make up, just a little lip gloss and little blush, but my facial skin is 100% free of make up/foundation. For outcalls appointments, I wear very discreetly, still classy and sexy. Sorry I can not send pics to your personal email under any circumstances. 

13- How do I proceed if I need to cancel my appointment?

Cancellation Policy:
 Your first impression is extremely important, you only have one "first impression".  Please, do not request an appointment if you are not 200% sure. Understand that because I only plan to see in average one or two gentleman per week and no more than four or five monthly, a cancellation (no matter what is your excuse) has huge impact on me financially and otherwise. As in many other professional practices, if you need to cancel the session that has already been scheduled a couple of days or even one or two weeks ago, please give me as much notice as possible (two days as minimum). However, it is worth to remember that if you are first time gentleman who cancels before our encounter, no second chance will be given.  No-show clients will be blacklisted from providers' books. It's common courtesy-cancel as you would with any other appointment. My time is valuable to me as yours is to you. ONE MORE TIME "PLEASE, REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT/CONTACT ME ONLY IF YOU ARE 200% SURE".

14- Are you related to any agency or massage parlor?

- I am totally independent practitioner with experiences in different modalities of eastern/western techniques, a truly devoted Tantra Practitioner, a modern-trained geisha, master in the art of sensualism/eroticism with more than 1800 hours of In-class Training and about 2200 hours of Out-class Training, Certified Massage Therapist always in continuing education, Certified Tantra Educator from a World-renowned Tantra School in Southern Europe, a long time Bio-Tantra/Rebirthing Educator, Relationship and Sexuality coaching and a Yoga Instructor/Therapist with extensive studies in Homeopathic Nutrition and Holistic Wellness as well as Sexuality Education for young and mature persons. I have been coaching and teaching many men, women and couples to feel confident, know their body, feelings and their desires and repressions.  Also an athlete who has been practicing different types of western/eastern Bodywork, Classic&Modern Ballet, Yoga and all kinds of sport you could ever imagine, during many years, from paddle board to snow ski, from windsurf to boxing.  My body is incredible flexible, strong still feminine and delicate. I am not related to any agency, as a result, I am extremely selective who I meet and very careful.  I do require ALL new gentlemen (including those from outside of USA) be carefully verified without exception!! Quality is much more important than quantity and I encourage extended sessions such as  2.5 to 3 or 4 hours.  My session requires trust and total surrender. I personally write and answer all my emails just like I do with my website. I always try to respond your emails as soon as possible, however, sometimes they can take several hours to one or two days depending on my schedule and your verification information.  For a fast booking process, I request you fill out or email me all the information I am asking and be very accurate and succinct all the time. Please, do not write me long emails about your personal life/preferences without providing me the verification information I am requesting you(with the exact day/time of your session) otherwise your email/form will be ignored.

15- Can I mix Tantra with Dark Tantra/Sensual Domination?

- For gentleman who never had a Tantra session before BUT would like to have a Dark Tantra Session, I highly recommend 2.5 to 3 hours of mix sessions of Tantra/Dark Tantra (BDSM/Sensual Domination). For you to understand and enjoy Dark Tantra/Sensual Domination, you should have a Tantra session at least a few times in your life.

16- Does my desire to be with you and your “Strap-On” mean that I’m gay?

Well, it is my understanding that it is not the action which takes place or the implements used that determines sexual orientation, but rather the gender of those involved or possibly of those being imagined. Of course, this is always a complex question for me as I personally do not agree with either our binary gender code, or the qualities assigned to our concepts of masculinity and femininity. It is commonly believed, for example, that only women should experience or enjoy penetration (or the more passive, receptive role during sex) that is one of the main causes of concern in the first place.This is not only simply ridiculous and outright false, but disturbing in its greater implication. I feel that this concern is sad in that it is feared and I believe many people do not fall into narrow “straight” categories of heterosexuality or homosexuality.

17-  Can you describe your ideal session? (currently Geishanru is my favorite/most popular session)

For me it is difficult to express, but my ideal session involves sincere conversation. I like to get to know people as well as what is desired and expected. Because of it, I request longer session for all new gentlemen. I am non-judgmental and my session requires trust and surrender, the more relax you are, the more deeply you can be touched.  I also appreciate when I am able to relax and enjoy doing what I do best. This requires the recipient to have the ability to clear the mind, release expectation, focus on physical and emotional sensation, and be receptive.

18- Do you accept CC, check or Paypal?

NO - 
 Currently I ONLY accept cash in U.S. dollars and preferably in $100 bills. The donation must be submitted in the exact amount and in an unsealed envelope or a greeting card in the beginning of your session. If you like to extend our session, and if my schedule allows and I agree, please immediately take care of the additional donation. Please be always respectful with my time.

19- I am from (another country)​ and do not have references in the US. What information do you need?

Welcome to the United States!! I hope you enjoy your visit​, however, if you do not feel comfortable sharing even basic information with me, then we may not be able to see each other, please send me what you feel comfortable with (inside the mandatory info I am asking), and if I need more information I will ask you. I accept references from all over the world as long as they are independent, upscale and I can reach them to verify or if they advertise on internet and have an email address I usually can reach them.