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 With my vivid and naughty imagination that goes beyond your most wild imagination, I recently created this session. GEISHANRU, in other terms would be a combination of Geisha and Nuru, except it is highly specialized to reach your most erogenous zones (8 in total) using a special oil/gel that has proven to have an aphrodisiac effect on human's body. By far, this is my favorite session as I can reach all the males 8 G-spots not very well-known in our current world. Moreover, you will be able to please me in all the ways if you wish.... I am fascinated about not only giving but especially receiving pleasure........ With me you will be able to feel/reach my G-Spot all over you while seeing me falling in deep pleasure........

​​Both, Nuru and Geisha are originally from my country and as a deep connoisseur of human beings especially men's body, I am devoted to offer you an unique session tailored to your needs. 

I believe that the human body is a fascinating entity. It's ​​a huge source of immense sexual pleasure and satisfaction, a massive bundle or nerves waiting to be stimulated to send us over the edge-rooted, electrifying desire. 

Our first experiences with sex are often both the most frightening experiences of our lives and the most exciting (with a little awkwardness thrown in there, too).

They prepare us for our lifetime journey of discovering what turns us on and what doesn't, what we're willing to try and what we'd never try again.

While we unearth our sexuality, we learn about the most obvious places through which we can achieve pleasure - namely, our genitals. But what about the lesser-known ones?

What about the places that have remained hidden, that we only notice when someone actually starts touching us there, stimulating  a previously uncovered zone that's bursting with new, erotic energy? If you ask your woman to divulge the sexiest place on your body where  she could stroke, it does not take a genius to guess how she would respond. But it turns out there are several lusty locales that, when tantalized and teased, will take your pleasure to a higher level than you usually experiences.  "Stimulating these spots not only feels terrific for a man, but it also builds sexual tension throughout his entire body and increases blood flow to his genitals. "says Ian Kerner, PhD, author of Sex Detox. This boosts men's arousal and intensify their pelvic contractions, magnifying their orgasm tenfold.
In this session, I will reach those 8 mysterious, sexually enchanting erogenous zones that will deeply satisfy you, hence learning not only how to please your woman but also yourself. In fact, these are totally unexpected places where you may never have been touched before adding to the excitement. 

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