TRADITIONAL GEISHA: Originally geisha (geiko or geigi) in Japan are well educated, good looking female entertainers who act as hostesses and whose skills include performing various Japaneses arts such as classical music, dance, games and conversation, mainly to entertain males customers.

The term geisha literally translates to mean "entertainer".  A geisha tantric sex and love life is usually distinct from her professional life.  A successful ​​geisha can entertain her male customer with music, dance, and conversation.

"Geishas are not submissive subservient, but in fact they are some of the most educated and strongest women in Japan, and traditionally have been so."  

"There is currently no western equivalent for a geisha - they are truly the most impeccable form of  art Japanese, only Japanese women can be geisha".

The Geisha ​​​​​​system was founded, actually, to promote the independence and economic self-sufficiency of Japanese women. And that was its stated purpose, and it actually accomplished that quite admirable in Japanese society, where there were very few routes for women to achieve that sort of independence.


Would you like to experience the ultimate form of pampering at the Japanese Girlfriend Geisha Tantra?  Do you feel like being pampered from head to toe by an exotic, very sexy, erotic and skillful modern geisha who is there to please, tease and more? Then this session is perfect for you. The modern day version of the traditional geisha only an authentic Japanese geisha can offer, with a naughty twist. It will be an experience you will never forget, we only live once. I adore to give and especially receive pleasure. Furthermore, your geisha will seduce you slowly with her amazing body, gorgeous/flawless skin, sexy/gentle voice, laughter and smile while she dance, bath and massage you all over ........The true art of Geisha.......

​During our time together I will share erotic western secrets as well as modern geisha techniques in addition to sacred tantra that I improved in my recent trip to Japan. These will allow to connect with your body energy, clear away insecurity and identify your deepest needs and desires, I will show you the art of making tantric love by a geisha, how to find yourself and the secret pleasure you are looking for within yourself so that your capacity for fulfillment is increased a thousandfold. 

Making love should be the most important and beautiful art in your life. You deserve to be loved, and you are worthy to be loved now. It is time to live the life you always have dreamed of.

Wherever you are now I will help you who you are NOW, and to re-learn what it means to truly love. It is also time to uncover what you feel you have lost so that you can end this cycle of longing.​​​

Everything from elegant conversation to the fulfillment of your desire is possible in my company.  We can unwind and explore one another mentally and physically

​**This session is offered on a case by case basis for elite, generous, well-educated gentlemen only!! This session can be hybrid with an additional (please check throughout my website for hybrid sessions)
Tantric Geisha  Session - Donation 

1500$ - 1.5 hours 
1800$ -  2 hrs (minimum for new gentlemen)
2100$ -  2.5 hrs 
2500$ - 3 hrs of bliss​ (my favorite for new clients)

3200$ - 4 hours ​VIP 

​​Nuru + Geisha "Geishanru" - Donation

Please an additional 400$. (only incall)

Do you offer Dark Tantra/BDSM/Sensual Domination + Geisha?

Yes, additional 400$​​. Imaging yourself being dominated sensually and sexually by an insatiable Geisha,,,,,,,,,

​* ONLY outcall to 4/5 stars hotels in Manhattan.​ No private residences unless we have met previously.
Disclaimer. Donation is for my time and companionship. No illegal services are ever offered.