Sexual behavior and American Society.  

​​Is the USA a sexually repressed society?

Despite America being one of the most advanced and powerful nations in the world, the land of opportunities, it has been historically an extremely conservative and segregated society. The Doctrine of Couverture from English Common Law was only abolished in the late 19th century (Coverture means that woman's legal right and obligations, upon marriage, were subsumed by those of her husband). Furthermore, it has not been so long that white and colored children can study at the same public schools, this national desegregation was possible to a 1954 famous landmark United Supreme court case (Brown v. Board of Education, 347 U.S. 483), interracial marriage only was possible in 1967 (Loving v. Virginia, 338 U.S. 1), abortion only was nationally legalized in 1973 (Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 113), same sex couple marriage was recognized legal in 50 states in recent years (June 2015) (Obergefell v. Hodges, 576 U.S.___), just to mention a few. When we read these facts, it is hard to believe many movements and events happening (e.g. feminism, women's rights, position of current women in society, interracial marriages, etc).
While I was doing a research based on theories and experiences to find answers for my questions, I read several articles from experts in the area  that responded exactly what I was targeting.  ​​Overall, cultural/educational/family background in all women have strong impact on  how they see men, relationship, marriage etc. Honestly, sexual intelligence requires some brain in addition to experience and knowledge. Smart/educated men/women tend to be better lovers if they try and they are aware of their sexuality.

In my day by day work I am constantly contacted by gentlemen and ladies who have gone through sexual repression especially in their youth. While this is not a serious decease it still can cause emotional, social and psychological issues in both genders. Here is an interesting article written by an expert in relationship and sexology that could help to understand some part of this so called "sexual repression".

​** Avoiding plagiarism is very important for me so please note that I would like to clarify that I did not write this article despite citation has been omitted for privacy reasons. I found it online while studying and researching "Human Sexual Behavior and Repression".
"Nobody is "fornicating" anymore, especially women. I have come to the conclusion that women in the USA unlike men do not like or enjoy sexual intercourse. Women in their middle to late teens and into there 20's seem to be sexually active but for totally different reasons. In this age group the only common thing they share with men of the same age is both groups are curious about sex. Once, both groups have experienced sex. Men view sex as a recreational pleasure. Women now view sex as a dress rehearsal for having children. The strange thing is that women are "hard wired" for this kind of behavior and they are not aware of this!

Once they have children they have the potential to go without sexual relations with a man for the rest of there lives. Unless they want more children. If women desire to have sexual relations they are more likely to have it with another woman. There innate ability to socialize especially with other women increases the tendency of having sexual relations with other women.

Since American society is based on contradictory beliefs, it is socially acceptable for women to cry but not men. it is socially acceptable for a group of women to go shopping or have dinner together.  If a group of men do the same thing they might be labeled as "gay." It is only socially acceptable for men to gather for hunting trips (this includes power lunches) and sporting events.

Women by nature are "control freaks". They view the act of sexual intercourse as an aggressive act that they cannot control. The act of sexual penetration to a woman is a "violent act" that is similar to being stabbed with a knife. Whether it is direct or indirect women seem to have internalized a warped value which allows many women to have the belief that "if you enjoy sex your a whore." This belief is very corrosive when trying to have a relationship with a man. It seems that men get emotionally close to a woman through sexual contact. Women in general detest this aspect of men. They prefer to get emotionally close by being verbal.

When a man's wife or significant other becomes a mother, most men now take a secondary role with regards to family life. This is because women are hard wired to make sure that their children survive. Since this takes so much time and energy to raise children, she unknowingly sacrifices sexual relations with her male partner, and the thought of having a neglected relationship never crosses her mind until it is too late.

Most men cannot understand why the frequency of sex has diminished because they cannot conceive of the idea that her maternal instincts has surfaced big time. All they can remember is the woman before having children. Eventually, frustration and resentment enters into the mindset of most men. This is one of the main reasons why they stray or cheat. They don't understand what is going on. What is even stranger is that the relationship between a man and a woman now morphs into a relationship that resembles that of a brother and sister. No normal man wants this, but women seem to be quite comfortable with such a relationship.

Since American society roots for the underdog especially women who are considered the weaker of the two sexes any extramarital affair on the part of a man is viewed as taboo in our repressed society. No matter how justified a man might be in pursing an affair, society as a whole especially the American justice system will "always" side with the woman.

Women do have extramarital affairs outside of there marriage or relationship, their sexual exploits are ,basically, used as a means to an end. Women are very practical when it comes to sexual relations. For example, they have sexual relations to advance their careers. I realize that men may do the same thing but this is basically a strong survival instinct that women possess.

Most women do not realize that the majority of men are scared of women. It seems in today's society if you look at a woman the wrong way you might be charged with sexual harassment or rape. This is a stigma that most men can never get rid of. Women have totally confused the average man. She wants to be treated as an equal and at the same time she likes it when a  man opens the door for her. The question that has to be asked is it right for women to want the best of both worlds?

As a result most men in order to satisfy there sexual desires go to other men to be satisfied. Men feel this is better than having an affair with another woman because in case she gets wind that he is having an affair perhaps knowing the affair is with a man would not be perceived as a threat to her. It is unfortunate that the majority of women do not realize this.

Women (especially from developed world) today have lost their femininity. They have no idea of how to act like a lady. Today's women do their best to look like, act like and behave like men. What normal man wants to have a meaningful relationship with a woman that acts like a man.

Today's psychologists do not want to analyze such topics because it is not politically correct. These so called experts have done more to confuse the sexes than to help them. Sex is a major component in driving the capitalistic economy. People purchase things because of there sex appeal from cars to toothpaste. As a result psychologists do not want to reveal the "dirty little secrets" about the sexual relations between men and women because the true revelations of such acts would have an adverse impact on the economy. In conclusion men an women live in a fantasy sexual world that never existed and will never exist but it is heavily promoted by the capitalistic economy".  (citation omitted for privacy reasons)". (citation omitted)