Preparation for your session

Be positive and kind all the time as am !! I do want you really enjoy your experiences with me. In all my sessions I will work with your body, mind and spirit. I take good care of each client I meet building trust and intimacy while we work toward your experiences of true Tantra bliss. So, to assist in receiving the most from your time with me, please remember the following.... 

​You will be always freshly showered and well groomed (shower facilities are available). Remember to avoid wearing scents and smoking prior to meeting. I am energetically sensitive, so please avoid stimulant and advise me in advance of any nervous system disorders or any other problem in your body. Having stimulants, a Full or too empty belly, or an unclean body will interfere with what your experience could be. Stay at least two hours without having heavy food before our session to have a better breathing technique.  On your way to our meeting, take your time and breathe slowly and deeply. Relaxed breathing will get you more in touch with your inner self and awareness.
RELAX. Enjoy and flow.