Individual Tantra for women
(Female Awakening)​

​A blissful tantric bodywork offers women the opportunity to safely explore their sensuality of their whole body through exquisite touch.  The goal is enjoyment and pleasure rather than focusing on a specific destination. When you really own your own sensuality, it creates incredible confidence and you can enjoy life more fully.  Don't wait for a partner to awaken your sensuality. Set yourself for a blissful life of happiness.

Most of us have not escaped living with sexual shame in one form or another. This can come from our upbringing, previous negative experiences and society in general.  Today we live in a highly sexualized culture which is not, however, based on body self acceptance and self love.  In a recent survey of 300 women, 97% of women admitted at least one daily "hate my body" moment with the average being 13 negative thoughts daily.  As Psychologist Ann Kearney Cook explains:
"We train ourselves to thinking negatively; neuroscience has shown whatever you focus on shapes your brain. If you are constantly thinking negative thoughts about your body that neural pathway becomes stronger".

In sense, this is good news for tantra, we can change this!! Tantra can facilitate a deeper connection with and self acceptance of your body and to really appreciate the benefits of learning to totally receive through training.  Using tantric breath work and techniques  we can deepen your experience  of embodiment and expand your awareness of subtle and erotic bodily sensation.  Through tantric breath work you can gradually break away from cluttered thoughts  and 'living in your head' to become more fully aware of notice when the mind wanders and to bring it back to the sense of touch, when you are fully aware, fully in the moment.  Sensate focus can enlarge one's understanding of sex, so that it really involves the whole body rather than just the Erogenous zones.

By applying tantric concepts and activating other tools of healing and transformation, together we will create a space for your to realize your deepest gift and be able to share it with compassion, joy and love. I am here to help you:
- remember your power
- heal from bad experiences
- learn how to connect with your body in deeply pleasurable ways
- teach your partner how to please you with compassion and success
- learn how to dance within new relationships to set foundations of trust and true intimacy
- connect with another women in sweetness, safety and joy

We will always begin with a tuning in conversation and create an intention for our sessions together.

I encourage and make space for longer/more flexible sessions with women realizing that the way we connect is unique and sometimes can require more time.

1 - I would like a Tantra Session but why would I come to see a woman?
Many women would like to receive a session but feel worried about the whole experience. I am well trained CMT and tantrika with many years of experiences in different aspects of life having had the chance of sharing many different cultures around the world. I provide a safe space to talk freely about any aspect of sexuality and to release any inhibitions. My approach is gentle, meditative and respective of your boundaries. My sessions will increase the awareness of your sensuality/intimacy and how sensual energy can be used for healing and transformation.  They will enable you to be more present with your partner allowing for deeper intimacy. You will also be more open and creative about exploring yourself and enabled to express your wants and needs more effectively.

2- Can I book a session with you for my friend, girlfriend, fiance or wife?
YES absolutely. Please send me her screening information. In case she is married and not working, you can send me your verification information attaching her personal information. Please note this is an exclusive individual session for women, so if you like to stay looking at us during the session, it will have an extra of 140$ and it will work ONLY outcall for first time session.

3- I have some type of inhibition for Tantra. Is it really suitable for me?
This is totally understandable.  Your tantric session will include only as much as of your body as your are comfortable with. Indeed, sometimes slower is faster - you get where you need to go by going slowly.  I am more than happy to offer initial sessions focused on relaxing and slowing down - really experiencing the power of sensual touch. You can more fully let go, knowing that you are under no pressure - your intimate area will not be included unless you specifically ask for them to be. These sessions will give  your the chance to discover more about your body's erotic and sensual potential. Combined with conscious breathing techniques, they can be incredibly effective in overcoming any inhibitions to pleasure.