Tantra for Couple (no incalls)

​​​“Tantra is the science of turning ordinary lovers into soulmates.
Two lovers can be transformed so deeply that all their seven centers can start meeting.
It is one of the greatest treasures that is lying there, unused.
The day humanity uses it the earth will become aglow with a new love.” Osho

No matter how much we have achieved in our life, we all want to Love and Be Loved in a way that is Truthful, Healing, Sacred and Authentic.

The science of Tantra offers lovers methods to open that door with sensitivity and intelligence thereby creating a tremendous resource for the development of conscious love. It is a sacred transmission which jumps like a flame from heart to heart.

​​Tantric Sessions are not designed for male or female only. They can also be very exciting for couples that want to try a different form of relaxation and sensual entertainment. It can be a truly remarkable gift for each other, a stunning journey to strengthen the spiritual bond between the two of you.

Tantra is very universal and ever expanding, so the practice itself can be adjusted to your needs and preferences. It is critical that the two of you feel utterly comfortable with the session – and the therapist performing Tantric massage rituals – in order to reap the most benefits. That is why my couple’s Tantric Session is designed to be very customizable in order to make the experience suits you and your partner better.

Although Tantra has a very strong sensual aura to it, the overall experience does not have to be sexual at all. I truly enjoy working with couples who are really interested in improving their sexual/erotic life but remember that my session is mainly educational and relationship enhancement purposes only.

What happens during a Tantric Session for couples? The common practice would be to have each one of you enjoy a short session of intimate Tantric massage before the couple’s session begins. In this case, only one practitioner is required to perform the Tantric massage rituals.

Another common variation of Tantric Session for couples is to have two practitioners performing the rituals at the same time. As a result, the experience is much more intimate and the two of you can build a stronger, deeper spiritual relationship as the session progresses.

Similar to conventional core Tantric massage, the massage rituals performed during a session for couples can also be combined with other types of treatments to create a truly enchanting experience. You will be captivated by just how relaxing the session can be, especially when combined with treatments such as holistic bodywork and body-to-body experience. Again, the entire experience can be fully tailored to your needs and preferences.

Other elements of Tantric massage for couples including the massage oil used, the ambience of the room where rituals are performed, and of course the practitioner also play important roles in determining the effects of the rituals. 

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of benefits you can enjoy from Tantric Session for couples. By enjoying the session together and interacting with each other during the rituals, it is very easy to reach a higher level of sensual intimacy. You will learn to control each other’s sexual energy and drive, which means it will be much easier to improve your sex life in general; with the Tantra Session scheduled regularly, you can also explore other sensual sides of yourselves further and find out more about amazing experiences the two of you can enjoy.

Tantra is also good for your health. It lowers your blood pressure and allows you to relax completely. It is amazing how these seemingly simple effects can actually bring profound improvements to your health in general. Better oxygen circulation means other parts of your body will perform better, including your brain and your kidney. The stimulations channeled through a series of Tantric rituals also ignite nerve endings and allow you to develop you senses.

Ultimate pleasure is definitely guaranteed! There is nothing better than enjoying a soothing session of Tantric Bodywork with the person you love the most. The sensations you will experience throughout the sessions are unlike anything you have experienced before, while the benefits this type of session brings are simply too good to miss. The best part about it is that at the end of the session the two of you will be much closer to each other and much more intimate in the partnership.

​​In other words, Tantra will help you free yourselves from your physical tensions, negative mental patterns, inhibitions and shame and learn to approach life, love, sensuality and sexuality in a new way. Attaining these skills and this sacred knowledge it will develop your sexual and mental relationship into a strong happy union. You will both come to discover emotions in one another you have forgotten of, you will learn new methods to connect in a physical and emotional sense.  


​2000$ -  1.5 hours ​
2800$ -  2 hours 

** Outcall only!! 4/5 stars hotels. No private residences.
*** 50% deposit required to be confirmed.