Have you felt that there is a potential to your relationship that you just can not attain?

Do you want to learn more about sexuality/spirituality?

Are you in a relationship problems where you can not express yourself fully?

Do you come from a cultural/family background that has blocked your sexual exploration and nature?

Have you a question or a need​​​​​​​​ to express your relationship problems to someone and seek to learn more about yourself on an energetic level?

Do you want couples therapy to enhance your intimacy?

Are you a young individual wanting to learn more sexual skills?​​​​

​​If your answer is affirmative to one of these questions, your should try Red Tantra where you will improve dramatically your sex life and become a master lover using the secrets of Red Tantra. Learn how to connect with your beloved through communication, honesty, play, peace and physical well-being. 

Having completely satisfying sex life will highly improve every aspect of your life, not only a better relationship with your beloved but also your own health, self-esteem, career success, a peaceful mind and a spiritual meaning. When your sex life is 100% satisfying you can overcome any obstacles life and relationship offer!!!​​

What is Red Tantra? 

​​Red Tantra can have many different understandings and meanings depending on the culture, experiences and lives of each individual. **Please note my session is tailored to your needs.
​It is a path of Tantra best known for bringing us Tantric Sex and Sensuality, our inner freedom. Red Tantra primarily was a practice that you do with your partner understanding that the union between your and your beloved is seen as form of god and goddess worship that creates not only a bond with your partner but a bridge or connection to the divine god and goddess, and when you come together to make love using Tantric Rituals and Tantric positions, you join body, heart, mind and spirit.  All of the chakras or energy centers of the body are involved in the connection.  The intention would be creating a peace of heaven on Earth that transcends the physical act of sex. By incorporating Tantric practice into your love life, you can reach not only higher levels of pleasure and connection, but a higher spiritual vibration as well.

According to my research Red Tantra was originally a highly advanced spiritual practice that was only taught to those who had achieved a level of mastery of the White Path of Tantra. Today there are secular forms of Red Tantra in the West that do not require followers to achieve any mastery.  The focus of this more secular form of Tantra is primarily on exploring bliss, ecstasy, and all the pleasurable sensations you can achieve during love making. Tantric sex is now something that couples may explore, with or without the original spiritual intent.

Red Tantra is known for luxurious love making sessions that last for hours, ideally leading to multiple, full-body orgasm......with or without ejaculation.  The more secular form of Red Tantra focus on erotic and romantic love, activation mostly the lower cha​​​kras; the primal, sexual and sensual energies of the root and sacral chakras.  However , without  the spiritual component to the practice, the upper chakras do not receive as much attention. 

​​The sacred forms of Red Tantra lead to a sense of ​euphoric oneness not only with your partner, but with the universe and God.  The more secular forms of Red Tantra encourage couples to spend lots of time making love and exploring heightened levels of pleasure. However, this secular practice lacks the experience of spiritual love, and the universal connection that is the point of the scared practice of Red Tantra. 
s, awareness should be kept on balancing sensation with peaceful breathing, and staying fully present with the flow of kundalini, constantly  directing her energy  upwards into the blissful stillness of the crown chakra, where she awakens Divine Love Consciousness.

Red Tantra is combined in any session with an additional 200$.

​Disclaimer: No illegal services are ever offered.  This session is educational and entertainment purposes only.